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Update November 2022

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Update June 2021

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Update June 2021

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Update November 2020

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Update March 2020

A Promising Future

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Update May 2019

Offering a new formula for the Future South Africa


Update August 2018

A dream becoming reality


Imagine . . . a school of excellence with a zero drop out plan, a school where the main objective is to restore self-worth in every person.

Imagine . . . a beautiful, spacious school with splendid views from various levels, nestled among vineyards, mountains and river, accessible to all, within walking distance from the community or by free bus service from the farms.


Imagine . . . a modern e-learning school with a visionary curriculum to create secure families who will break the cycle of poverty with sustainable income and fulfilling careers, a school beginning with the end in mind.


Imagine . . . a school with inspirational leadership giving priority to mentorship, role modelling and character building, a school with a low teacher to learner ratio, extra maths and literacy interventions, and dedicated assisted study time in the afternoons.


Imagine . . . a school of great spirit and positive approach to values and discipline, where three character builders counsel both learners and their parents towards healing, where they constantly hear ‘We believe in you. You should too.’


Imagine . . . a school where no-one goes hungry, where the farming community contribute to a modern industrial kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and snacks after study time in the afternoons.

Imagine a school building bridges, bringing people from the whole community together, changing the way we see, igniting hope, creating friendships, making us believe in the impossible.

Imagine . . . three schools in one, firstly a mainstream Technical school to matric, offering Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Technology, secondly a mainstream Agricultural school to matric offering Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Management Practices and Consumer Studies, and thirdly, a School of Skills to NQF1 offering subjects like Food Production, Welding and Maintenance.


Imagine . . . this offered in excellent facilities on 18 hectares of vineyard land, state of the art training kitchens, innovative agricultural facilities and cutting edge technical workshops.


Imagine . . . a school creating a winning and team-working culture for kids who have lost in many ways all their lives, a school with excellent sport and arts facilities, a full day extra-mural offering at no cost.


Imagine . . . the impact on an under-resourced rural community when a high school like this offers the prospect of a new life to more than 1000 learners.


Now no-one has to imagine anymore. You can come to the Jakes Gerwel Technical High School in Bonnievale and see for yourselves. In many ways it is even more than we have imagined. While we were busy thinking this was a vision to heal the total local community we didn’t know this was to become a model to inspire others from all over South Africa and even abroad. This is a life giving vision germinating hope to bear much fruit in years to come.

Most of the construction and development has been executed. The following facilities are being completed this month:

JGT opened its doors in January 2018. The first 240 learners are making history every day as they reach new heights. Although we do not expect quick results and prefer to focus on long term change we already see identities being shaped and self-worth restored. A beautiful school spirit is being formed and already the little ones in the community look forward to going to JGT one day.  In a very short time JGT has become an aspirational place.

Vision sparks hope. At JGT every learner is mentored to find a clear vision of where they are heading and the road towards their life goals. For this purpose a prospectus has been compiled in order to assist with decision making regarding subject choices.

For the past two years we have been privileged spectators of this constantly unfolding miracle. People of many different backgrounds prayed together, believed together and contributed land, expertise, professional services, sweat and funds to establish this vision in record time.


The budget for the first three phases was over R100 million eventually, yet we are grateful to say there is less than 4% outstanding. We stand in awe and wonder that we have always been in the position to pay accounts immediately without the assistance of any bank. Thank you to all who are obedient to the prompting in your hearts to be a conduit of grace. You are contributing to a new future for many and creating a model which can heal South Africa from its roots. We believe the ripple effect is much greater than we can imagine.

For more information:

Wilhelm De Wet


Tel     : 082 823 9978

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